Artist block?

“Creative talent is a gift.

Its an amazing journey of the soul.

But it comes at a price…” -unknown

ha-that was a bit deep for a Thursday night huh! I’m feeling a bit deep this week as I plunge into the depths of what one might call ‘artists block’.

The winds of creative ideas that swarmed around me only moments ago, appear to have blown onto new horizons. And I’m left here Feeling a bit like Dorothy in Oz.

“how do you know what to paint?”. A question I was asked by a little girl at one of my stalls this month?

“I often don’t know what to paint “,I replied. “Then all-of-a-sudden I will have a cool idea and it just happens!”

She looked at me questionably. “Cool” she said “I just like to paint weird stuff”.

-out of the mouths of babes.

So here I am in the woods tonight. Taking a sabbatical from everyday life and trying to be alone with my thoughts. (Actually we’re not too far from the motorway and I can hear traffic booming) and I guess it’s not ‘real’ isolation if I’m here on my I-phone. There’s something wonderful about being re-energised by nature.

So, I’m learning that looking at other peoples art on Instagram isn’t a helpful past time. Great for inspiration , but You can easily lose sight of who you are as an artist and what your style is and how you express yourself.

I also think there’s an element of self sabotage when you achieve any kind of goal. You get near the top of the mountain and this invisible internal force makes you want to slide down again to where it last felt comfortable.

I’m having a think right now about my art style and what I’m aiming to achieve. I had this idea that sitting in the woods with Obi and a bottle of ginger beer was the answer.

Its certainly fun!

Theres plenty of creative ideas in the depths of the forest of my head. I just have to draw them out.

As I said- it’s a journey. There’s plenty to be explored. You just gotta keep walking.

happy trails x