A new creation

“Anyone who belongs to Christ has become a new creation. The old life is gone; a new life has begun!”- 2 Corinthians 5:17 🦋

I keep thinking of butterflies this week. Aren’t they beautiful little creatures. But they spend the first part of their lives crawling in the dirt until they are fat and dirty and can’t move. Then a cocoon is formed around them. Whilst inside the cocoon, the butterfly is literally being transformed from the inside out. Every part of his inner being is rearranging itself and recreating itself into something beautiful. The brand new butterfly eventually emerges and has freedom to live beautifully!🦋🦋This is what happens when we become part of God’s family. He literally gives us a new Spirit and a new mind. When we stop, confess our sin, repent (turn) from our life sin, and get into the “cocoon” (shelter) of Jesus’ redeeming love, God transforms us from the inside out.He no longer sees us as the old caterpillar dirty with sin but sees us through His filter of love. Our old stinkin thinking ways no longer satisfy us and we find new life and freedom. Isn’t that amazing. 🦋I love how God speaks to us through nature. Some of us have been caterpillars for far too long and it’s time to shake it off and emerge as beautiful butterflies 🦋🌷you are so very loved.

So I made a whole batch of butterfly paintings for Mother’s Day. ☺

Have a cup of positivitea

imageIsn’t it so British to have a cuppa tea .

I’m trying to think of why we drink tea like we do – I guess it’s obvious

  • it warms us up
  • it wakes us up
  • it goes great with scones and jam or jam n toast
  • it’s a good drink to have a natter over with friends or your mum

There’s healing power in tea. FACT!

I have a special cupboard for all my different teas-I must admit that I go through phases of buying them and forget they’re all there .

Heres my list of top teas and what they do for your body…



Wow ! The Emperor of teas!

Known for its promotion of longevity , and reduction of a lot of cancers !  Just look at the Japanese who drink bucketloads of green tea and have the lowest rates of cancer , Heart disease and other debilitating illnesses .

Regularly drinking green tea promotes weight loss. It helps to break down fats and speed up metabolism. All the big diet pill companies know this! Green tea is the main component in magic diet pills

Drinking green tea may reduce the risk of both Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s, the two most common neurodegenerative disorders.

In short,green tea reduces your risk of Cardiovascular disease , Diabetes and ………..certain death!!!!


A tea for anxiety and restlessness

having trouble sleeping ? Feeling a bit panicky? Try a cup of lemonbalm and you’ll instantly feel better!



We all know this one is great for digestion

Peppermint reduces bloating , stops excess wind , relieves constipation

great for bad breath!


This is a sleep and relaxation aid

It will knock you out if you take it before bed and it promotes a great nights sleep. Try it!

ROOIBOS TEA (pronounced Roy-bosh)


I discovered this in South Africa

Being a red tea,its caffeine free and a little bit sweeter than our Standard black tea.Its a cure for headaches , insomnia , asthma, and stomach upset .

I add milk but I think your supposed to drink it with sugar or lemon . The Africans love it. I love it!



If you can stomach it, it cures nausea and sickness. It’s a bit tart though. Meh



This is a big one..

Liquorice is known to be an antidepressant and has the same effect as St John’s Wart (which has the same effect as Prescribed antidepressants)

It heals low blood pressure . Caution! This is because it ‘increases’ blood pressure so careful if you already have high BP

Studies have shown that licorice helps the liver neutralise toxins and can be beneficial in treating liver disorders such as hepatitis.


This will induce labour if your overdue

really , that’s all I know about this one



You know what this looks like

Milk and 2 sugars! Often served with a digestive biscuit or a ham and cheese piece.

A couple years ago I began a search for the UKs best tea when there was so much to choose from .

I asked around

I know a lot of tea Jennies

Cut a long story short, Yorkshire Tea wins hands down !!




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