The Crofters

I’m creating a little series about ‘the Crofters’ just for fun .

I love Scottish history and I’m currently learning about the Highland Clearances and the Crofters 🐓 .

The Scottish farming families were run out of their community farms to make way for big farms for Cow farming and pastoral farming – the leaders in the cities thought this would bring more profit into the city.

The Highland folk were unfortunately run out of their cottages and farms and forced to the coastal areas or even emigrated abroad.

The Crofters moved in and here is a little collection of paintings about life in the crofts.

I am going to eventually turn this into a little children’s book. 🐓

My first book

imageToday was an awesome wee day!

I wrote my first children’s book. Now I am being absorbed in the complicated world of book publishing .

Its a minefield!

Traditonally, one would write a book-great!  But then have the anxiety creating task of sending said book to lots of publishers in the hope they might be noticed , or else end up on the slosh pile.

However,in this new digital age we live in, it appears that e-books are the way forward, with Amazon making 75% of their sales in e-book format today.

It didn’t even cross my mind that kids have iPads and now even schools are moving towards digital formats.

Authorhouse, the leading self -publishing company offered me a nice publishing and marketing package. However, after a bit of digging into it, I realised they take a nice 90% cut of the royalties too.

So I guess if your creatively minded and not too bad with the interweb thingy, it’s wiser to test the market first before parting with your pennies.

Amazon have a platform for publishing your own e-book and their sister site Create Space help you with marketing and promotion and issue your ISBN number (mandatory publishers ID number).

Then there’s the issue of printing hard copies of your book to issue locally. Luckily CreateSpace offer a print on demand service too!

This is ideal as the cost of printing is deducted from the total sale of the book. You don’t get a truck showing up on your driveway with pallets of books either.

So this is exciting! I will be hiding away in my wee art room for the foreseeable future until I’ve made this happen.

I had a dream of writing a book lately. Although I imagined it was going to be called ‘have you seen my Tom?’-a book about my rougue cat here,who lives at many different houses and terrorises the neighbours.

I was at work on nightshift doing my drug round. All of a sudden this THING comes out of nowhere! Like a host of ideas, rhymes and pictures for my pending book.

I was like-” Can you not SEE I’M WORKING!!!”

I took out a scrap bit of paper from my uniform and had to quickly write it all down before this ‘thing’ went out the window again.

And there it was. A 25 page children’s story written in 10 mins.

But it’s awesome. And hopefully you will love it.

I just gotta make the art for it now which is the longest part.

Watch this space.x