The Crofters

I’m creating a little series about ‘the Crofters’ just for fun .

I love Scottish history and I’m currently learning about the Highland Clearances and the Crofters 🐓 .

The Scottish farming families were run out of their community farms to make way for big farms for Cow farming and pastoral farming – the leaders in the cities thought this would bring more profit into the city.

The Highland folk were unfortunately run out of their cottages and farms and forced to the coastal areas or even emigrated abroad.

The Crofters moved in and here is a little collection of paintings about life in the crofts.

I am going to eventually turn this into a little children’s book. 🐓

The District Nurse series

Happy new year!

I would like to start the year by introducing my new series of paintings.

I’ve decided to stick with my whimsicle style of painting as I just love painting cute little people.

Over the year I plan on creating different little characters with little stories.

It’s so much fun. Just to start off, here is Bunty, the District nurse.

We’re going to be seeing a lot more of her throughout the year.

Watch this space

The wee coo who flew

Hey guys! I’m having so much fun making illustrations for my children’s book this week- ‘The wee coo who flew’

Its a motovational book to encourage young minds to pursue their dreams , no matter what the others are doing or saying . You can achieve anything you put your mind to!

Its nearly finished .

The best part was driving around Edinburgh taking pics of the places 🎈

miserable Cow

miserable  This wee day is going to be awesome!

Alright,  I might have been a miserable cow this week.

I’m returning to work in the NHS after nearly 3 weeks annual leave!

I needed it!   i realised i haven’t had 2 weeks holiday for many years (ive been flexible working for years). TRUE STORY!

I did nothing!!!

I did tonnes!!!

But I didn’t do what people normally do – like go on a 2-week bender to Turkey or Ibiza and come back with an autumn glowing tan…… and 900 Marlboro Lights.

I told people I was going to Romania  (to – Remain-here) 😀

I lost my dog this week.  My bestie.  That made me sad.   very sad.  I cried a lot.

My boyfriend buggered off to the land of Ex’s.  Meh – not so sad.

I drank a lot of whisky.

I wont lie

I went places though

I met friends. Oh how I love my crazy friends.

I reassessed my life.  And do you know what?  Its all good.  I can want for nothing.

This wee day will be amazing because we’re all here and it will soon be December – and Christmas will be here.

Then New Year.  Party!

Then we’ll make new plans.

But today? Miserable Cow? no. not me.