Artist block?

“Creative talent is a gift.

Its an amazing journey of the soul.

But it comes at a price…” -unknown

ha-that was a bit deep for a Thursday night huh! I’m feeling a bit deep this week as I plunge into the depths of what one might call ‘artists block’.

The winds of creative ideas that swarmed around me only moments ago, appear to have blown onto new horizons. And I’m left here Feeling a bit like Dorothy in Oz.

“how do you know what to paint?”. A question I was asked by a little girl at one of my stalls this month?

“I often don’t know what to paint “,I replied. “Then all-of-a-sudden I will have a cool idea and it just happens!”

She looked at me questionably. “Cool” she said “I just like to paint weird stuff”.

-out of the mouths of babes.

So here I am in the woods tonight. Taking a sabbatical from everyday life and trying to be alone with my thoughts. (Actually we’re not too far from the motorway and I can hear traffic booming) and I guess it’s not ‘real’ isolation if I’m here on my I-phone. There’s something wonderful about being re-energised by nature.

So, I’m learning that looking at other peoples art on Instagram isn’t a helpful past time. Great for inspiration , but You can easily lose sight of who you are as an artist and what your style is and how you express yourself.

I also think there’s an element of self sabotage when you achieve any kind of goal. You get near the top of the mountain and this invisible internal force makes you want to slide down again to where it last felt comfortable.

I’m having a think right now about my art style and what I’m aiming to achieve. I had this idea that sitting in the woods with Obi and a bottle of ginger beer was the answer.

Its certainly fun!

Theres plenty of creative ideas in the depths of the forest of my head. I just have to draw them out.

As I said- it’s a journey. There’s plenty to be explored. You just gotta keep walking.

happy trails x

The chained elephant


“The Chained Elephant” story by Jorge Bucay, a Argentinean psychologist

When I was small, I used to love circuses, and what I liked best about them were the animals. The elephant in particular caught my attention, and as I later found out, other children liked the elephant too. During the performance, this enormous beast would nobly display its tremendous weight, size, and strength… But after its performance, and until just before it went out on stage, the elephant was always tied down with a chain to a little stake in the ground that held one of its feet.

The stake however was just a minuscule piece of wood, hardly a couple of centimeters long. And although it was a strong thick chain, it seemed obvious to me that an animal capable of tearing a tree from its roots, could easily free itself from that stake and flee.

This mystery continued to puzzle me. What held it there? Why didn’t it escape? When I was 5 or 6, I still trusted the explanations given by grownups. So, I asked my teacher, my father, and my uncle about the mystery of the elephant. One of them explained that the elephant didn’t escape because it had been mastered.

So I asked the obvious question: ” If it’s been mastered, why do they keep it in chains?”

I don’t remember having received a coherent answer. With time I forgot about the mystery of the elephant, I only remembered when I found others who had asked themselves the same question at some time.

Years later, I discovered that , to my luck, someone had been sufficiently wise to come up with the answer:

The circus elephant does not escape because it has been attached to a stake just like this one since it was very, very small.
I closed my eyes and imagined a defenseless baby elephant fastened to the stake. I am sure that in that moment, the little guy pushed and pulled and tired himself out trying to get himself free. And, regardless of his efforts, he couldn’t do it, because the stake was too strong for him.

I imagined him tuckering himself out and falling asleep and the next day trying again, and the next day, and the next. Until one day, a terrible day in his history, the animal accepted its futility and resigned itself to its fate.

That enormous powerful elephant that you see in the circus does not escape because, unfortunate thing, he thinks he can’t.

He has that memory etched into his mind: the futility that he felt shortly after he was born.

And the worst part is that he has never returned to seriously question that memory.

Never again did he return to test his own strength…

So we are a bit like the circus elephant: We live with the idea that “we can not” do things for the simple reason that once, long ago, when we were little, we tried and have failed. “-Jeorge Bucay

There are times when we can be like the little elephant. We have an idea about who we are and what we are capable of formed by who were in the past. If this self image we hold isn’t ever changed then it limits everything we set out to achieve in life.

Decide who you are right now and who you want to be- forget who you were in the past or anything you may have failed at.

Take  that vision , stick it on your fridge and run with it. You have so much strength. Watch your world change .

Holyrood Hill


Hamish lived on Holyrood hill Hamish lived on Holyrood hill
He was a wee Highland coo
He had colourful hair and a cheeky smile
He was very much like you
Hamish was a special coo
His mammy told him so
He dreamed one day that he would FLY!
Oh the places he could go!

Im happy to present the first pages of my children’s book ‘The Wee Coo Who Flew’

This story is based in Edinburgh and is a motivational book aimed at 3-8 year olds. It’s about a wee Highland coo who had big dreams. He got past the haters and they watched him as his dream came true.

im currently locked in my art room making the artwork and today, Holyrood Hill Friends was born !

Im feeling a bit like Miss Potter .

I will be posting updates on this book journey and the friends I meet along the way. X

Have a cup of positivitea

imageIsn’t it so British to have a cuppa tea .

I’m trying to think of why we drink tea like we do – I guess it’s obvious

  • it warms us up
  • it wakes us up
  • it goes great with scones and jam or jam n toast
  • it’s a good drink to have a natter over with friends or your mum

There’s healing power in tea. FACT!

I have a special cupboard for all my different teas-I must admit that I go through phases of buying them and forget they’re all there .

Heres my list of top teas and what they do for your body…



Wow ! The Emperor of teas!

Known for its promotion of longevity , and reduction of a lot of cancers !  Just look at the Japanese who drink bucketloads of green tea and have the lowest rates of cancer , Heart disease and other debilitating illnesses .

Regularly drinking green tea promotes weight loss. It helps to break down fats and speed up metabolism. All the big diet pill companies know this! Green tea is the main component in magic diet pills

Drinking green tea may reduce the risk of both Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s, the two most common neurodegenerative disorders.

In short,green tea reduces your risk of Cardiovascular disease , Diabetes and ………..certain death!!!!


A tea for anxiety and restlessness

having trouble sleeping ? Feeling a bit panicky? Try a cup of lemonbalm and you’ll instantly feel better!



We all know this one is great for digestion

Peppermint reduces bloating , stops excess wind , relieves constipation

great for bad breath!


This is a sleep and relaxation aid

It will knock you out if you take it before bed and it promotes a great nights sleep. Try it!

ROOIBOS TEA (pronounced Roy-bosh)


I discovered this in South Africa

Being a red tea,its caffeine free and a little bit sweeter than our Standard black tea.Its a cure for headaches , insomnia , asthma, and stomach upset .

I add milk but I think your supposed to drink it with sugar or lemon . The Africans love it. I love it!



If you can stomach it, it cures nausea and sickness. It’s a bit tart though. Meh



This is a big one..

Liquorice is known to be an antidepressant and has the same effect as St John’s Wart (which has the same effect as Prescribed antidepressants)

It heals low blood pressure . Caution! This is because it ‘increases’ blood pressure so careful if you already have high BP

Studies have shown that licorice helps the liver neutralise toxins and can be beneficial in treating liver disorders such as hepatitis.


This will induce labour if your overdue

really , that’s all I know about this one



You know what this looks like

Milk and 2 sugars! Often served with a digestive biscuit or a ham and cheese piece.

A couple years ago I began a search for the UKs best tea when there was so much to choose from .

I asked around

I know a lot of tea Jennies

Cut a long story short, Yorkshire Tea wins hands down !!




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Happy New Year

_20160101_123505Happy New Year guys!

I hope you’ve all recovered from the December shenanigans and not broken too many resolutions already!

I’ve decided that 2016 is going to rock!

I had a great chat with my friend whilst we were out walking the other day about resolutions – ” so what’s your resolutions blah blah ?”. He surprised me by listing all the resolutions he’s made in the past years and always successfully kept. The way he did this was by not making blasé plans with no actual substance, but by making realistic goals and having micro-goals underneath to support them.

For example- Lose Weight =no alcohol,chocolate,lifts (elevators). After a few months, goal achieved.

My goal for this year? (Obviously to become fulltime artist and work from home 😁). Really though it is to just be the best version of myself, have fun and be content. This is a work in progress but there’s a definite shift happening.

There has been little in my life that has made as much an impact as learning to be content and thankful— with my life, where I am, what I’m doing, what I have, who I’m with, who I am

If you are in a bad place in your life, and are unhappy with everything about it (job, relationship, yourself, house, habits, etc.), it can be a miserable thing. But here’s something interesting: it can also be the thing that strengthens you

In the past couple years, Ive had a few ,”This is not my beautiful life! This is not my beautiful house!” moments.


The problem however wasn’t in the external circumstances, but in my mindset — Im now learning the joy in appreciating what I have, instead of focusing on the things I dont currently have or dont like. You don’t need a lot. You just need the basics and some good company along the way.

If you can learn to develop the right mindset, you can be happy now, without changing anything else. You don’t need to wait until you’ve changed everything and made your life perfect before you’re happy — you have everything you need to be happy right now.

Here’s how to start:

  1. Be thankful . What in your life is amazing? There will be something! Find something, and give thanks for that.
  2. Catch yourself out thinking negatively – I can’t emphasise this enough! You become your thoughts! Think good ones!
  3. Have fun every day.-find your happy place. What do you need to be happy? I love simple things, like taking a walk in the woods, painting , drinking coffee- do something that makes you happy every day
  4. Be nice to yourself. -We tend to criticize ourselves easily, but what if we turned it around and asked, “What do I do right? What am I good at? What is loveable about me?” Make a list. Start to focus on these things rather than what you’re unhappy with.
  5. Find the gold in people  everyone has gold in them. Instead of criticizing people you meet, ask yourself, “What is good about this person?   Be careful of people around you who do this to other people too!
  6. Don’t change yourself for anyone! If you are actively being the best version of you then you’ll attract the right people in your life. Sometimes the wrong ones slip through the net. But if someone comes into your life and needs you to be something your not-take your boot and swiftly eject them back to where they came!

Decluttering and eating well also helps- i guess that’s personal choice though. Have a great January!

Here’s a video from Talking Heads in the meantime. X