The Country Living Fair 2017

The Country Living Fair was a huge success!

This was my first time as a trader at the Country Living Magazine fair and I will definitely come back next year. What a grand selection of talent from across the U.K. What a buzzing atmosphere and I made friends with the traders around me.

The customers were very lovely. It was quite quiet on a couple days but it was icy outside and the rugby was on..

Im not the best yet at selling like a street trader from Eastenders so I decided to bring my paints and make pet portraits for people whilst they shop! This was a genius idea…you could wait 4 weeks for a portrait if you ordered online.

The big panda was a hit and sold quickly. I get a bit emotional when my favourite paintings are sold. So I went home and recreated one overnight. My trader friends though this was mad 😝

name-the-bear' comp on my Facebook page as I realised poor Mrs Bear didn’t have a name or a Story to tell. She’s now Beryl .

Lessons learnt?

Well, I may have been over-prepared and brought too much stock. My tiny stall looked beautiful but a bit like Steptoes yard.I had a huge help thanks from His Handsomeness who did a great job of putting up shelves and heavy paintings I also learned that I love my artworks on black. This is my signature style and will be my focus from now on.

As well as my cute cards which sold out . I’ll be making more designs of these.

I am very exciting for 2018 and all the other Trade shows I booking into now.

I’ve worked quite hard lately and now it’s time for tiny break before catching with Crimbo pet portrait orders.

Cheryl x

Published by Cheryl Morrice

Hi I’m Cheryl, I live in beautiful Scotland. Welcome to my creative world! I am an artist / illustrator and I paint and make things for my sheer joy. I'm happy to be living in Scotland again after living away for 5 years in Australia and Guernsey, Channel Islands then Kent. There's so much of The World to be explored but I love my home and all things Scottish. I am a big animal lover and I currently live with an oversized dog and 3 crazy cats

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