How to frame your canvas paintings 

I’m so excited to have learned today how to frame canvas artwork…on the cheap!

Let’s face it , they look 100% better within a frame , and framing artwork can be your biggest outlay.

So thank you B&Q store for providing all the tools I need .

Here’s a quick run down …

Buy some wood strips from B&Q or any local large DIY store. They are called wood strips and they are found in the wood strip isle of various sizes and thicknesses. They cost around £1-£1.50 a strip

You will also need a junior hack saw and hammer / panel pins / glue gun whilst your there.

Measure your strips around the edges of the canvas, allowing for the overlap cut off.

Mark where strips need cut and hacksaw them to size.

Glue gun strips to edges of canvas.

Alternatively you can glue gun down, which gives a cleaner finish as you won’t have pin marks on the edges.

There you have it.

The canvas is still lightweight enough to hang and looks far more presentable!

Published by Cheryl Morrice

Hi I’m Cheryl, I live in beautiful Scotland. Welcome to my creative world! I am an artist / illustrator and I paint and make things for my sheer joy. I'm happy to be living in Scotland again after living away for 5 years in Australia and Guernsey, Channel Islands then Kent. There's so much of The World to be explored but I love my home and all things Scottish. I am a big animal lover and I currently live with an oversized dog and 3 crazy cats

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