miserable Cow

miserable  This wee day is going to be awesome!

Alright,  I might have been a miserable cow this week.

I’m returning to work in the NHS after nearly 3 weeks annual leave!

I needed it!   i realised i haven’t had 2 weeks holiday for many years (ive been flexible working for years). TRUE STORY!

I did nothing!!!

I did tonnes!!!

But I didn’t do what people normally do – like go on a 2-week bender to Turkey or Ibiza and come back with an autumn glowing tan…… and 900 Marlboro Lights.

I told people I was going to Romania  (to – Remain-here) 😀

I lost my dog this week.  My bestie.  That made me sad.   very sad.  I cried a lot.

My boyfriend buggered off to the land of Ex’s.  Meh – not so sad.

I drank a lot of whisky.

I wont lie

I went places though

I met friends. Oh how I love my crazy friends.

I reassessed my life.  And do you know what?  Its all good.  I can want for nothing.

This wee day will be amazing because we’re all here and it will soon be December – and Christmas will be here.

Then New Year.  Party!

Then we’ll make new plans.

But today? Miserable Cow? no. not me.


Published by Cheryl Morrice

Hi I’m Cheryl, I live in beautiful Scotland. Welcome to my creative world! I am an artist / illustrator and I paint and make things for my sheer joy. I'm happy to be living in Scotland again after living away for 5 years in Australia and Guernsey, Channel Islands then Kent. There's so much of The World to be explored but I love my home and all things Scottish. I am a big animal lover and I currently live with an oversized dog and 3 crazy cats

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